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Eagle Lake, TX 77434
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  • Eagle Lake was at one time filled with floating islands which moved with the winds and current
  • Eagle Lake had two native sons who were Texas Rangers, and two more Texas Rangers who were law officers?
  • That excursion trains would come from Houston, sometimes three at once, bringing weekend vacationers to enjoy the festivities at Eagle Lake?
  • That there were bullfights held at City Square?
  • Eagle Lake was a popular resort with parties, picnics, dancing, boating, fishing, with grand events held at the Pavilion?
  • Lissie was known as “New Philadelphia?”
  • The old town square was all sand with a windmill and a watering trough, and range cattle would gather to bed down in the sand at night  in large herds?
  • All the stores along main street had awnings and wooden porches in front?
  • In 1903 the streets of Eagle Lake were graveled and sidewalks were laid?
  • Pioneer Patrick Reels was granted land around the lake in 1835?
  • The Eagle Lake State Bank moved into its new brick building on main in 1907?
  • There were 12 passenger trains coming in and out of Eagle Lake in 1907?
  • The first octagon shaped pavilion/bandstand was built on the square in 1905?
  • The last bandstand disappeared in 1951 and a new city hall was built on the square?
  • John Matthews and  Dr. Norris bought the first automobiles in Eagle Lake?
  • In the early days people had no window screens and used mosquito netting over their beds?
  • Eagle Lake had the largest sugar refinery in the South?

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