408 East Main Street
Eagle Lake, TX 77434
(979) 234-7442
M-F 9 - 1 pm
Weekends 2 - 5 pm

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“Our Community history binds generations together with our early sellers and founders of Eagle Lake”

  • Get their stories NOW! Invite your family to tell their stories. Preserve your local and family heritage. Tape record or write the stories on paper. You won’t regret it! And don’t forget to tell your own. Everyone has a story. Get your family memories and photos down.We can digitize your photos by just a photograph of them and you never leave them anywhere. We’ll copy your stories and preserve them. Help us to make and keep records of our local family histories. That’s how history is made! Anyone can do it. Everyone should do it
  • There is no better teacher than a good story, and we have many stories and storytellers in each of our families and among our friends, classmates, and old-timers.
  • Let’s don’t lose valuable parts of our history by not capturing the stories which have created the depth and breadth of generations in Eagle Lake.
  • Be a part of our community Oral History Project by writing or recording your stories and those of others about people, places, and special times and memories of Eagle Lake.
  • Share your photos, articles, and artifacts, along with your written or recorded memories and those of others which you may contribute as a part of the record of our valuable town history.
  • Assist us with your contributions, no matter how long, short, or simple your stories may be. Encourage others to share their oral or written histories so they can be recorded for future generations.
  • By participating, you will help us to compile a more complete record of the people who have built and sustained and given life to our community.To participate please contact the museum or the Chamber of Commerce.
  • We will assist you by offering helpful guidelines and a video recorder.

Our Mission

To preserve and share the history and culture of Eagle Lake, Texas and surrounding areas through our collections, publications, archives, artifacts, and educational programs.

Our Vision

To become a premier small town museum and center for education, research, and enjoyment of the roots and culture of our community and region. Support our vision with your visits, contributions, and volunteerism. Join our efforts to collect, catalog, and preserve our history for future generations.