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By Arlene Gertson Brune

Last week I had a nice visit with Sandra Thomas by phone. She suggested that Eagle Lake enthusiasts might write about their memories of our town, especially for the younger generation. I wrote an article for Sidney Struss’ ELHS reunion book which I called “Memories Are Made of This.” It was so much fun remembering my days in Eagle Lake. I’m not a writer, but we do need to preserve our experiences for future generations
and our town history.

Her article on the Lakeside Sugar Refinery brought back memories of the Water Way that furnished the water from Eagle Lake to the refinery. In my time, it only went about half way from the lake to FM 102 and right by our house. We lived near the lake and the old refinery. My dad built a bridge across the small creek, which was the refinery water intake, and we would fish from it. One day some of my friends and I decided we would walk down the levee on the Wintermann side and we encountered a mother alligator protecting her young. She came out of the water fast, and we ran out ahead of her! It was
a close call on the old waterway.

My brother, Vernon, Abbie Abercrombie, John Walker and Regan Laughlin had fishing lines out in the lake. They used ivory soap for bait, which fit their budget. My friends Carole Crim, Martha Walker, and I decided to see if there were any fish on the lines by paddling a boat out to them. When we raised the string, holy moly, there was a monster on the end, or so we thought. We paddled as fast as we could back to the shore to see Vernon and his friends driving up. They went to see what we called “the monster,” and they came back with two very large soft shell turtles.

I took my stories and a number of history questions to Mr. Bill Harrison, Sr., our historian, and had a wonderful visit with him. Many new ideas for stories came about, from the Opera House to the Matthews store. Join me in adding to Eagle Lake history by telling yours!

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